Heritage Collection


America’s original weathervane artist, Shem Drowne was born right here in Maine in 1683.

He created the first weathervane made in, what would become, America in 1716, as well as the first rooster weathervane a few years later, and even designed the banner weathervane flying above the Old North Church Paul Revere looked to before his revolutionary ride, but Shem Drowne’s most famous creation is the signature grasshopper weathervane atop Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Shem Drowne was also a noted patriot and inspired founding fathers like George Washington, Paul Revere and Thomas Jefferson to try their hand weathervane design. Author Nathaniel Hawthorne was so impressed by Shem’s artistry that he wrote a story about him and marveled at “the skillful hand of Drowne.”

It is no exaggeration to say that Shem Drowne personally created the tradition of the American Weathervane.

There’s a bit of Shem Drowne in everything we do here at Weathervanes of Maine and we’ve created the Shem Drowne Heritage Collection to celebrate the creator of our favorite American Artform and to bring his history to life.

We’re proud to celebrate a fellow Mainer and even prouder to continue the tradition Shem Drowne began all those years ago.

Here’s to Shem Drowne, Patriot, Mainer and America’s’ Original Weathervane Artist