Majestic Maple Leaf Mailbox

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Majestic Maple Leaf Mailbox

Drawn to perfection, these hand embossed and polished copper plates are mounted on USPS approved steel boxes. This Rural Copper Mailbox is constructed of a steel mailbox painted black and covered in a copper wrap. No two alike, these beautifully crafted decorative custom mailboxes are wrapped with hand-drawn copper. All original designs are embossed on both sides.

We have put a coat of clear coat on the box. This will protect the copper, however to prevent material from weathering periodic coats will help maintain the original luster and shine. We sell spray cans of the clear coat on our website. They can be found here.


  • Pure Copper
  • Hand Drawn and Painted
  • Powder Coated Steel Mailbox Housing
  • 21"D x 8"W x 11"H