Retaining hook

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Retaining hook
  • Available in 3 sizes 
  • 3/8" is made of cast aluminum
  • 1/2" and 3/4" is made of brass
  • Only works if a flat washer is already soldered on the bottom of your weathervane shaft

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    3/8 retaining hook

    Posted by Delbert Williamson on May 3rd 2022

    The 5 stars is for the excellent customer service. The first retaining hook( which was a replacement) split at the seams at the set screw point while I tightened it to the rod with normal pressure using just a small screw driver (There is a seam on both sides) I called Weathervanes of Maine and they sent another right away (no charge) after I told them about it splitting while I was installing it on my weather vane I purchased about 5 years ago. The new one did not split even though it still had a seam on both sides of the collar and is working as it's suppose to work. Unfortunately the original retaining hook must have broke because I found my weathervane (a biplane) in the yard on several occasions during high winds during the past 5 years and I just now got around to replacing it. It seems to be a design flaw (at least on the 3/8 Hook) because you can see the seam where the actual hook is attached or welded on the back side and one running through the screw hole where the retaining screw goes through. It just needs to be a little more robust, especially with an airplane weathervane. But again, the customer service is exceptional and I'd buy another product from them any day.