Shem’s Signature Grasshopper Weathervane

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Shem’s Signature Grasshopper Weathervane

Material: Copper Dimensions: 26"L x 22"h

Shem Drowne had no idea when he designed his humble Grasshopper Weathervane to sit atop Faneuil Hall in Boston that it would go on to become not only his most famous design but to this very day America’s most famous weathervane.


There are many myths about why he chose a Grasshopper, some involving magic, talking grasshoppers and even a the wish of a sick child, but it turns out there was no magic, no talking bugs and thankfully no ill children. The truth was simply that Shem was inspired by the grasshopper weathervane above the Royal Exchange in London and wanted to create his distinct version to show that America was now the financial leader of the world.


Since 1742 Shem’s beautiful design has survived storms, wars, earthquakes and even being kidnapped and held for ransom (the thieves so admired the weathervane that they returned it completely unharmed, after they got their money of course). Now you can celebrate that history with Shem’s Signature Grasshopper Weathervane.