“For while the wealthy posed for Copley and the average man sat for limners, weathervanes stood atop elegant mansions and humble barns. While fashions changed and times passed weathervanes decorated colonial clapboard and Victorian gingerbread. No other folk art affords as wide a view of America as the ubiquitous vane - the product of amateur and artisan, the craft of the city and countryside, the adornment for church and stable.”

- Myrna Kaye, Yankee Weathervanes

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. From the colonial days of Shem Drowne, America’s first and greatest weathervane artist, to our founding fathers and throughout our country’s great history the weathervane has been a true American Artform created by the people and for the people. Today, Weathervanes of Maine is proud to continue our decades-long tradition of supporting our local weathervane artists and craftsmen in continuing and advancing an American Artform.

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